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Inline Fancybox

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Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Etiam [fancybox src=”” caption=”Example of fancybox.”]fancybox element[/fancybox] quis leo at mauris faucibus suscipit. Sed orci arcu, commodo in, consectetur sed enim. Vestibulum aliquet justo rutrum magna tincidunt fringilla. In eget nisl in justo mattis accumsan eu nec magna.

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[l_item type=”plus” color=”#37485F” icon_color=”#37485F”] set any text, [/l_item]

[l_item type=”plus” color=”#37485F” icon_color=”#37485F”] set any fancybox source: image, video, iframe, swf, text, [/l_item]

[l_item type=”plus” color=”#37485F” icon_color=”#37485F”] caption. [/l_item]


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This theme comes with awesome Visual Composer (wroth $25), Massive Panel, Inline Shortcode Wizard and supports WordPress Visual Customizer. Take a minute and view the video below to see how it works . Creating content was never easier!

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