Workshop & Masterclass

The use of color in visual storytelling 

For creative professionals, students and otherwise enthusiasts

Different colors have different meanings, connotations, and psychological effects when applied across the diverse disciplines of visual storytelling and design. The psychology of colors, your sense of esthetics and the creativity when using them gives the desired impact to get your intended emotional message across.

For artschools I offer custom made modules that can be used flexibly in the educational curriculum of your institution.


In this lecture I discuss the use of colour in various creative expressions and cinematography and how this provides a useful angle for visual storytelling. I will also demonstrate how to approach coloring graphic stories in both flat colors and experimental colors. 

Very suitable for seminars, visual storytelling events & cultural festivals.


  • Approx: 1 hour

Depending on the specific purpose  and location. Please request a quote to get a more detailed price indication.


In the Workshop we add a practical segment to the Masterclass lecture. Either digitally or with analog materials we are going to color an illustration in a set mood that I will provide. Afterwards we compare the results and guess which specific mood was tried to capture

Very suitable as a networking opportunity or teambuilding activity.


  • Approx: 4 hours

Costs may vary because of specific purpose or location. Please request a quote to get a more detailed price indication.

Dates workshop
‘Storytelling with color’

22 oktober 2022

In addition to the workshop we are going to make our own textures and do some exercises for colorful storytelling

Location: Rotterdam
Time: 10:00 – 16:30
Cost: € 185,-

28 december 2022

In this workshop you get some information about color psychology and how to use color. And we will do some coloring ourselves

Location: Rotterdam
Time: 13:00 – 16:30
Cost: € 115,-

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