Workshop & Masterclass

Using color in visual storytelling

For creative professionals, students and otherwise enthusiasts

Understanding the impact of colors on design and visual storytelling has a great impact on the effectiveness of actions and the emotional resonance of artistic work.

Colors have the power to evoke specific emotions, influence moods, and communicate messages. They can be used to emphasize contrast or harmony, depending on the desired effect.

By combining the understanding of color psychology, artistic techniques, and individual creativity, participants of this workshop will be given a practical angle of using colors, empowering them to use it effectively in their work.

Encouraging participants to approach color in an intuitive way will help them develop a personal aesthetic that reflects their unique voice and vision.

Do the workshop:

Telling stories with color

Discover how to apply color with impact in your graphic stories

Pick your date:

  • 17 september 2023
  • 28 oktober 2023
  • 25 november 2023

Cost: € 125.00 p.p. (VAT included)
Location: Rotterdam
Time: 13:00 – 16:30

Workshops for eductional purposes?

The masterclass and workshop modules can be custom made for each educational level, either for creative professionals as for artschools. The custom modules are designed to foster creative thinking, artistic expression, and technical skills concerning the use of color in visual storytelling.

Custom Masterclass

In the masterclass I discuss the use of colour in different artistic disciplines and how this provides a useful angle for visual storytelling and design. I can also give a demonstration how to approach coloring in both flat colors and experimental colors. The masterclass can be easily extended with a workshop element where participants are going to work with some color exercises.

Very suitable for creative teams, seminars, visual storytelling events & cultural festivals.


  • Approx: 1 hour

Depending on the specific purpose  and location. Please request a quote to get a more detailed price indication.

Custom Workshop

In the custom workshop we add a practical segment to the Masterclass lecture. Either digitally or with analog materials we are going to color an illustration in a set mood that is provided. Afterwards we compare the results and guess which specific mood was tried to capture.

The workshop can be extended with an extra day where we are going to apply colors to the participants own work or graphic story.


  • Approx: 3 hour

Depending on the specific purpose  and location. Please request a quote to get a more detailed price indication.

Need coloring for your project?