Drawings: Charel Cambre – Louis Clement
Scenario: Nico de Braekeleer
Published: 2022
Publisher: De Standaard – Belgie
Commisioned by: Studio 100

In 2022 I started coloring for the comic series Gamekeepers, derived from the Belgian TV-show with the same name.  The series is about the duo Mats and Sari, who live with a group of friends in a suburban villa. From time to time they have to fight an evil Gamemaster, that starts a reallife videogame at random from the villa, in order to release evil energy to the world and gain world domination.

Mats and Sari have to enter the computergame to play and win it so the world will be protected from harm. Challenging coloring work, because the ‘ingame’ settings need to be distinguished enough from the rest of the comic to reflect a convincing parallel cyberworld. So my textures come in handy again.

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