The colors of Marloes Dekkers

My greatest challenge in coloring is to intensify the experience of a story or image. Colors appeal to the complete spectrum of emotions: from rage to happiness, from anxiety to excitement, from melancholy to joy. I like to explore the limitations and possibillities of colors and techniques to get the emotional message across.

In the mid-nineties, after graduating as an illustration major from the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, I got introduced to the world of comic coloring by my former class mates, who were trying their luck as comic artists. The publishers demanded digitalized colorings, and my friends asked me to help them out. What started out as a plain filling-exercise to bring home the bacon became a passion for adding another ‘story-telling-layer’ to any kind of comics, graphic novels, or illustrations.

I preferably work with a combination of traditional materials like ecoline, watercolor and gouache combined with collage techniques and computer graphics. Flat colors are mixed in the drawings themselves.
This technique of mixing colors and materials enables me to bring any comic artist’s work to live.

What others say

I consider myself fortunate for knowing Marloes, who brings a wide range of colors to my artwork
Michiel de Jong

Marloes always surprises me with her choice of colors. She has a unique way of making my work look different than I ever had imagined.
Mario Boon

“Comic Medal” category Production, 2008

Since a few years, the Dutch Comic Association, called ‘Het Stripschap’ also rewards people ‘behind the scene’ of comic production.

That’s how I got rewarded for the colors of the Graphic novel Meccano 4 – The Rough Guide (author Hanco Kolk) in 2008.

The jury’s motivation was as followed:

Although the Rough Guide also won the Comic Medal in the category ‘Literature’, the jury was unanimous in their opinion that the coloring of Marloes Dekkers contributed a great deal to the fact that The Rough Guide was lifted far above the competition.

As an inconspicuous soundtrack she steers the emotions of the reader with a sober, thematic palet. In a profession where an invention easily becomes a trick, Marloes, (who also colored Operation Hanuman, awarded a medal in the category ‘adventure’), managed to reinvent herself, bringing comics to the next level.

In the same year, as mentioned in the jury report, The Rough Guide won the Comic Medal in the category ‘Best literary comic’ . Another album I colored, entitled ‘Operation Hanuman’ by Milan Hulsing and Michiel de Jong, won the medal in the category ‘Best Adventure Comic’ that year.